Deposco is very proud of its recent selection as a top Retail Management Systems Solution by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine. The ranking was based on our Bright Suite cloud-based software as a service, and Deposco’s expertise in Supply Chain Management Technology, Warehouse Management Systems, Inventory Management Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Cloud Computing, and Retail Point of Sale.

Katie William, Managing Editor of Retail CIO Outlook recently explained to media and industry, “It’s a great honor to announce Deposco as one of the Top 10 Retail Management Systems Solution Providers 2016.”

Deposco is constantly innovating our application suite to meet the needs of retailers, distributors, 3PLs and brand companies. We aim to help businesses to optimally allocate, source and fulfill orders across multiple channels. It’s never been more important to harness the power of the cloud and provide real-time data across the enterprise, whether you are a regional, national, or global firm. With the gamut of retail store closings, and Amazon dominating the retail spectrum with it’s warehousing and express fulfillment solutions, competing for consumer dollars has become very challenging. With the Bright Suite, businesses of many sizes can leverage enterprise grade capabilities while saving on shipping, sourcing, inventory management and fulfillment. Further, Deposco is proven to improve metrics such as order accuracy, time to fulfill an order, speed of integrating new channels or sources, and labor time.

Deposco’s Bright Suite of applications offers e-commerce, retail and omni-channel capabilities, that drive revenue growth, improve service levels and reduce operational costs. This Bright Suite is embedded with advanced e-commerce, retail and omni-channel specific capabilities, which allow retailers to synchronize and streamline data flows between e-commerce, marketplace, accounting and marketing systems.

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Matt Urglavitch, Director of Product Design and Creative at Deposco, is an award-winning designer and developer. Specifically, Matt is responsible for the design and maintenance of the Deposco brand while also heading front-end design and development for Deposco's Bright Suite™ of supply chain software applications.