The Deposco team enjoyed the chance to be a Platinum sponsor at SPS In:fluence 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the event, Deposco’s CEO, Bill Gibson, spoke to over 300 retail merchants, third-party logistics providers and product manufacturers on “Orchestrating Growth Across All Your Channels,” and how businesses can evolve from economies of scale to economies of connectivity to compete in an ever-changing commerce environment.

“Darwin did not say, ‘The strongest survive’ Darwin said, ‘The most adaptable survive.’  That being said, how do we all evolve in an ever-changing commerce environment? Unified Commerce.”

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Matt Urglavitch, Director of Product Design and Creative at Deposco, is an award-winning designer and developer. Specifically, Matt is responsible for the design and maintenance of the Deposco brand while also heading front-end design and development for Deposco's Bright Suite™ of supply chain software applications.