This year’s IRCE held June 7-10 in McCormick Place West in Chicago was a tremendous success.  The excellent planning by vendors and Emerald Expo provide once again that IRCE is the humpback whale in the ocean of online commerce tradeshows where tech providers, retailers, manufacturers, carriers, 3PLs, packaging companies, media and more congregate.  Admittedly, after attending a show of this magnitude, most of us elate over the passing of the intense tradeshow season, and the opportunity to get back to work on our core competencies.  For the marketing team at Deposco, we’ll be leveraging all of the great insights and connections we’ve made at NRF, Modex, Operations Summit, Growing Global, Home Delivery World, SPS Influence, Gartner Supply Chain Conference, Channel Advisor Catalyst, VAR IT Solutions of the Future, and IRCE and working with our customers to tell the stories of our vested success. It’s been a great year – we’ve graduated!

Deposco was excited to up it’s footprint with a larger 10 x 20 booth in a prime location, where we had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of people in standing room only at booth 204.

The buzz and excitement over Deposco and our application suite could be felt through the aisle.  Deposco proudly displayed recent thought leadership and articles in Business Solutions, Internet Retailer and Multichannel Merchant magazine.  Further customers were keenly interested in our newest Google Play Android app for Bright Warehouse and our App Store app for Point of Sale, as well as the integrated hardware such as an App enabled Nexus, Black Wasp scanner, ring scanners, Socket Mobile scanners and other connected and wireless devices that are enabled through our Bright Suite of applications.

It was great to visit with our existing customers, Yescom, Peking Linen, Marbles the Brain Store, Onestop Internet and partners including UPS and SPS Commerce.  Talks with media from Multichannel Merchant and Internet Retailer and time spent with Fashion Digital always yield great perspectives on the state of the industry, and the people that we work with in this industry are simply the best at what they do.

Thanks to Sandy, William, Leslie and Judy for spending so much time with us learning about our Omnichannel approaches to fashion, CPG, automotive and specific industry challenges. The collaborative sharing is evident as well as the aura of partnership that exudes as we discuss how to help one another be even more successful working together. Our friends from Listrak and Rakuten continue to impress with their innovative capabilities, and the element of social media is an increasing focus no matter what type of business you are in – email marketing, affiliate and display, ecommerce, 3pl or the like. The social opportunities were bountiful as vendors sponsored off site parties with epic proportions, and industry leaders such as Listrak, Pitney Bowes, Shopify, and Avalara taking the cake for their awesome hospitality. We especially loved attending Avatopia at Carnivale, since we too are orange like Avalara, the orange boas and fedoras matched our Deposco style nicely.

We too enjoyed hospitality, hosting a fabulous dinner for friends and colleagues at the world famous Gene and Geogettis in Downtown Chicago, as well as a champagne happy hour. We gave tremendous prizes of Bluetooth speakers and flashlight lanterns to over 50 lucky visitors to our booth, and made a lot of new friends and acquaintances. We are looking forward to spending more time with our future customers following this IRCE.

Deposco’s ORANGE team was serving up early morning Mimosas to brighten the day of IRCE attendees! Deposco visited with over 500 retailers, customers, media, partners, 3Pls and carriers, and they were all highly intrigued by our cloud-based philosophy of fulfillment optimization. “The time is now” we shared. Our team, including CEO Bill Gibson, and the Bright Team – Justin Stone, Kyle Tepas, Dave Pastore, Michael Johnson, Mark Joseph and Director of Marketing Ashley Boggs demonstrated the Bright Suite of applications that is helping companies achieve fulfillment and sourcing nirvanas. The ability to take a part of or the entire Bright Suite is helping companies get smarter on how they source and fulfill, while leveraging the important real-time customer information that is necessary to effectively match supply with demand.

Throughout IRCE, our great team demonstrated why we are ORANGE: Open, Respectful, Accountable, Nimble, Giving, Excellent

Going Forward Together

How you manage an “orchestrated retail” environment depends on your partners and the conductor. With Deposco acting as the brains, companies can now full harness the power of other technologies that become enhanced by simply being further integrated into the entire strategic supply chain. Accounting, CRM, and Distributed Order Management and Distributed Returns Management just simply cannot be ignored as components that must now talk to one another seamlessly. That requires the cloud. Another concept that we discussed quite extensively is our emerging Commerce Development Model™. It’s certainly important to understand the big picture, and with so many solutions at IRCE, it can easily become quite overwhelming. The experts at Deposco understand the market, and our customers of various sizes and stages of development, and we are helping them all to connect the right dots together and optimize the warehouse, store, vendor and partner systems in between. Our customers like OneStop Internet, Marbles Brain Store and Designer Eyes are truly leveraging our ability to enable the orchestrated retail experience that today’s digital always on consumer is expecting.

Great Thought Leadership

The Press Conference and release of the new UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study was a highlight as we anticipated hearing about consumers latest preferences for their cross channel shopping styles. UPS’s Bala Ganesh and Comscore founder Gian Fulgoni once again delivered a powerful treatise on the challenges of meeting the needs of digitally enabled shoppers. The key takeaway and theme, which Deposco has also echoed, is that if you want to compete against the online giant, you have to leverage both stores and returns. Never before has the Deposco store-based Omnichannel fulfillment and returns (SOFAR™) paradigm been so important to understand and to implement. Schedule your discussion with us, today and let’s talk about how to empower mobility and fast fulfillment, pickups and returns in the warehouse or store.

“If you want to compete against the online giant, you have to leverage both stores and returns.”

You can download your free copy of the newest UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper report. The elephant in the room here is that if you want to be a ready retailer, you need to address the supply chain of the future, which requires three things: 1) Cloud, 2) Integration and 3) Commitment. Deposco can guide and help logistics and marketing teams to leverage these opportunities for improvement. If you haven’t met with one of our Solutions expert to talk about the pains in your supply chain, give it a thought. We would love to show you how we have cleaned up the warehouse for some, or enabled accounting visibility for marketing for others, etc. IRCE attendees were impressed to see the extent of Deposco’s command on the supply chain software stack of the future, which is really here now with our Bright Suite.

Collaborate and Listen

It’s like that old rap, whether you are a Marketer or an Engineer or both, it’s clear that there is an expectation for retailers to step up their game in order to meet the current expectations of demanding consumers. And the bullwhip has affected the Internet Retailer top 1000 as they seem to all struggle with the same battles:

As we swiftly approach another aspirational year where the retail industry seeks to grow beyond it’s pathetic 2%, we hope you will check out Deposco and our Bright Suite, our customer success, our partners and our integrations. Give us a call, and let’s talk about how you can optimize to improve operations and fulfillment, ship more orders, and save some dough…

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Ashley is an innovative digital marketing and strategy leader with two decades of business development experience. Over the last five years she has become a noted leader in retail supply chain optimization and digital consumer experience, and is connecting the dots for businesses looking to optimize their cloud platforms for today's on demand economy. Specifically, Ashley is interested in how store operations, distributed order management and supply chains can drive growth for US and global businesses.